• 7Jul

    5 PIF Priorities for Health Information Week

    Health Information Week 2017 is running between 3 – 9 July. The campaign aims to promote the good quality health resources that are available to the public.

    PIF is the UK organisation that champions the importance of good quality health information, and to support Health Information Week we are sharing five key areas of our work.


    # 1: PIF Manifesto for Better Health Information

    PIF wants a country where everyone has access to high quality information and support to enable them to make informed decisions about their health, wellbeing and care.

    Our manifesto sets out three key asks that we believe would ensure everybody has access to the information and support they need:

    • A national plan for information in each nation of the UK
    • The inclusion of ‘health information’ in the education and training of healthcare professionals
    • Designated information champions in health services

    You can read our full manifesto here: https://www.pifonline.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/PIF-Vision-2017.pdf


    # 2: PIF’s Toolkit for Creating Health Information that Works

    Its not just enough to provide information to support patients and the public to understand and take decisions about their health and care. If that information is going to support people to make informed choices that are right for them, it has to be good quality.

    This means health information must be:

    • Accurate and reliable
    • Accessible and clearly communicated
    • Relevant and tailored to an individual’s needs
    • And, above all, developed in partnership with service users

    PIF’s Toolkit shares key steps and practical tools to help people creating and providing health information ensure their resources and services meet these principles. You can access the toolkit here: https://www.pifonline.org.uk/toolkit/


    # 3: Thank you to our 600 members

    At the heart of our work is our network of members. Through their PIF membership, these 600 fabulous people demonstrate their commitment to ensuring the health information resources and services they deliver are of the highest possible standard.

    You can find a list of all the organisations represented by our members here: https://www.pifonline.org.uk/membership/members-and-their-organisations/

    Thank you to all of you – without your support and engagement the voice of PIF to champion the importance of good health information would not exist!


    # 4: Perfect Patient Information Journeys

    Over the last year PIF has been talking to people with long term conditions to understand their experiences of accessing health information support.

    We’ve shared the findings from this research in a report that brings together the experiences of people with long-term conditions, healthcare professionals and commissioners. It aims to begin to create a map for how we can support health services to embed the provision of good information into their care pathways and improve the patient experience.

    You can find out more about the project and read the report here: https://www.pifonline.org.uk/improving-access-information-new-pif-report-perfect-patient-information-journey/


    # 5: Making our network stronger

    PIF is a membership organisation for anyone involved or interested in health information and support. We are an independent, non-profit organisation and our members are at the heart of our work.

    Joining PIF gives you access to our online community of 600 people working in the field of health information. It keeps you up to date with developments in the field with our weekly newsletter, PIF Aware.

    Individual membership costs just £75+VAT a year and gives you access to a wealth of resources and expertise to help you ensure the health information resources and services you provide are as good as they can be!

    You can find out more about how you can join PIF and the benefits of membership here: https://www.pifonline.org.uk/membership/what-are-the-benefits-of-membership/
    Also as part of Health Information Week, Claire Murray – Joint Head of Operations at the Patient Information Forum – has written a blog for the Patient and Client Council, on ‘Making Health Information Work Better for All of Us’.  You can read the blog here.