• 20Oct

    Self Care Conference 2016 – report published

    The 2016 Self Care Conference took place in London on 26 September.

    A report is now available and highlights a number of key messages from the Conference, including:

    • People are living longer but in poorer health;
    • Unhealthy eating habits and tobacco-use account for 10.8% and 10.7%, respectively, of the nation’s total disease burden;
    • People managing their health and engaging in prevention activities could save the NHS £30 billion by 2022-23;
    • Health literacy is key to living a long and independent life and health education in schools is crucial;
    • The traditional biomedical model of health provision is no longer sustainable;
    • Self care is not self management, it is much broader and includes self-treatment of common ailments, lifestyle and prevention;
    • The practice of self care has to become an embedded component of the health care system, with a central role in medical training courses, but this will require a change in mindset at the highest level.

    You can read the full report on the Self Care Forum website.